Bid invitation for development of Highway Village Wayside Amenities 

S/No Subject

Type of Facility


Setting Up and Operations of Wayside Amenities on National Highways in India (List of 34 Sites),



Area Parameters - Type of Facility - 16 Sites


Area Parameters - Type of Facility - (List of 18 Sites)

Bidding Schedule
(vi) List of RO

Request for Proposal, Perspective views
Draft Concession Agreement
(x) Annexure-A
(xi) Corrigendum-I, Corrigendum-IIRevised Corrigendum-III, Corrigendum-IV, Corrigendum-V,
(xii) Wayside Amenities - Type 1
(xiii) Wayside Amenities - Type 2
(xiv) Wayside Amenities - Type 3 
Construction and Operation of Wayside Amenities along National Highways across the country under BOT Mode (Build, Operate and Transfer) for 26 Sites Phase 2
(iv) Annexure-A

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